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Finding Your Extraordinary Through Clarity In 6 Steps
Many of us are already great problem solvers in our careers. We know how to navigate problems and we know where to find answers. When we need to accomplish something outside of our skill set, we have the knowledge and confidence to ask the right professionals for their solutions. We reach out to the HR head, the accounting department, product development professionals, marketing team, etc. to utilize their expertise.

At home and in our personal life, we often lack the self-esteem to trust our own solutions to everyday problems. We second guess our own skill, we don’t trust our gut like we should, we fear of being too successful and of being judged for that.

Let’s bridge that gap. For the past 3 years with intent, I’ve researched ways to trust myself, get out of my own way, stay in my lane, find mental clarity, a purpose and ultimately end each day in the positive column. I have truly enjoyed the positive benefits of all these combined. So, I started approaching life problems as a business. I merged over 30 years of professional experiences into 50 plus years of life experiences resulting in a life account in the black. I hope that you gain some of these same insightful benefits from this website. 

Best Susie
According to HUFFPOST "When you are ready to invest in yourself a live coach will help with a variety of goals; if achieving some of your authentic life goals results in you creating deeper, more meaningful relationships with those you love then those life coaching sessions are probably worth much more than the specific goal you hired them for in the first place".
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